Monday, December 1, 2008


I ended up giving up Starbucks for a total of thirteen days (almost two weeks) instead of a week. I went yesterday, and although it was nice, it wasn't like I was desperate to go back or anything. I never cheated, and I even went beyond the amount time I originally set! I think this really says something about me and reflects my personality: no matter what I do I always want to go above and beyond. It's funny how something seemingly as simple as not going to Starbucks for a week can reflect my personality, but there you go!

Those thirteen days without Starbucks really did simplify a little corner of my life, like I said before. And I saved money! Even though it's a hackneyed phrase, less is more. I'll probably just go there once or twice a week from now on; also as I've said before, moderation and balance are the key!

However, this process has also taught me that, like the majority of people in the world, I have a subconcious desire to prove myself to others and, in a sense, to please other people. That's not all I think about, and I do like to think for myself, but that subconcious desire (however small) still exists. And I guess most transcendentalists would say that this is something that society has engrained into me entirely too deeply and that I need to rise above. That's a little drastic, though, but you get my point, which is that this project has made me observe several things, good or bad. And that's definitely a good thing: just how many projects teach us about ourselves and about the world?

This is it. I hope you've enjoyed reading about my foray into transcendentalism! :)

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