Sunday, November 23, 2008

Maybe less really is more...

Yes, it's Sunday! No, I haven't cheated yet! After tomorrow I could go to Starbucks if I wanted to, but somehow I don't think I will just yet. Of course, I don't want NOT going to Starbucks to become my routine (I had never actually thought of this! Thanks, parkerh, for that comment!). But I really do feel like this little corner of my life has been simplified. Maybe less really is more.

At the beginning of this, I thought I'd be so excited for it to be over so I could go there again. But now, after almost a week, I'm indifferent.

I can't honestly say why Starbucks was important to me. Again, I think it was a matter of habit. And I do love coffee! :) But then I started to think about the money I'm saving (even if it's just gift cards, still...). So I've decided to go about once or twice a week and keep it a treat; this way, not going there won't become a routine but a small part of my life will still remain simplified, which never hurts anyone!

As strange as this may sound, it's not about Starbucks anymore. I'm really beginning to see the bigger picture. We don't really need as much to live as we think; it's society that encourages it. And it's helped me see that conviction is definitely a useful virtue. It's also exposed me to a different perspective because I'd never even heard of transcendentalism before this! Now I get to try it out firsthand. After all, I love gaining new perspectives and viewing things through a new window (so to speak).

For anyone else who has been doing choice #3 of our project, what do you think? Did giving up whatever you chose to give up simplify your life at all? How do you feel about it? Don't hesitate to leave a comment!

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sabrinad said...

Hey Amy!
Whats up? I gave up my phone but have been too busy at a swim meet this weekend to actually post my video blog hahaha. Funny how un-transendentalist that sounds. But um giving up my phone is way harder than it sounds and congrats for not cheating because I sure have. How else was I going to tell my friends I made sectionals! Hahaha well peace.